Saturday, September 15, 2012

Protests at the American Embassy in Cairo

So here's the post I didn't expect to do so soon, drama in Cairo and I haven't even been here for a whole month yet. Protests irrupted a couple days ago at the American Embassy in Cairo after a ridiculous trailer was released that depicted the prophet Mohammed in one of the most blatantly offensive videos I've ever seen. Listen, I'm 1000% for freedom of speech, but that movie didn't even looking entertaining. Team America was funny, but the Innocence of Muslims is a joke. You have to understand that in Islam it's wrong to depict any form of god, prophet, partner, or characteristics of god.

So the protests began. Now I can only speak about my experience in Cairo. Different things happened in different countries, people were killed, and the embassy where I would go for an emergency was surrounded by angry people. Earlier that day, before any protest happened, I was downtown a couple blocks away from Tahrir Square and the American Embassy. I had an amazing time at Khan el-Khalili and Hussein Square, drove home in a taxi through downtown, and never knew anything happened. When I got home later that night, the dorms were showing the news on CNN about the protests. I couldn't believe what I heard on television. An American Ambassador was killed in Libya. If it wasn't for the television, I would have NEVER know a protest was happening at the embassy.

Things are good here. It's a great time to be living in Egypt. People are protesting one of the most important things in this area of the world, their religion. We forget how accepting we are in the states of the freedom to offend. I'll be the first one to fight for the freedom to make fun of anything and anyone, but there are some things that are off limits to some people. It's called respect.

I've been really suprised about how well my dad has been handling the events. It makes me feel good to know when I tell my dad "don't worry I feel safe" he believes me. Although worrying is something he'll never stop doing.

Don't believe what you see on television. They show you want they want you to see. Did you see the protesters with posters that say "Islam against terrorism" and "Thugs and killers don't represent Benghazi or Islam"? Of course not. Everything has calmed down here around the embassy and the protests have stopped. Thanks for all the concern everyone showed. Cairo has been great to me so far and the people are even better.

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  1. personally, I don't blame them for protesting. I can think of no valid reason for purposely insulting or deriding anyone's religion. Things are a bit unsettled, still, so please stay safe. becke