Friday, August 24, 2012

First night in Cairo...

So I made it to Cairo. After three flights I'm here, over 6,000 miles away from what was home. None of it seemed real until my layover in Amman, Jordan. I realized it was really happening when I looked out the window of our descending plane and all I saw was the desert. I met some other students who were also coming to AUC and living in the same dorms, which was awesome! We arrived in Cairo at around 10 at night, and the drive to the dorms was amazing! We saw some guys fishing off the Nile . I'm not going to lie, the air quality here is pretty bad. 

After we landed we went to get our luggage from the baggage pick up and I was shocked to see big jugs of water on the rotation belt. Egypt is having a bit of a water shortage issue at the moment, so I guess people are shipping water along with their luggage. 

Once we got our luggage we met up with the driver from AUC . He literally had a sign with our names and barely spoke English. 


Here is a pic of the guys I meet in the airport in Amman studying at AUC.


"The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it."    Rudyard Kipling

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